Victoria Rozhok to Deliver a Course at MGUU under Moscow Government

Marketing and PR Director RD Construction Victoria Rozhok will deliver a course titled “The Branding of Territories” as part of the new training programme “Head of Construction Projects” under the Moscow Government.

The course was launched in 2016 and meant to raise the level of skills among the employees of enterprises under the jurisdiction of Moscow construction authorities, with leading experts of biggest construction and development companies serving as lecturers. The main objective of the training programme is to make sure the students acquire essential knowledge for successful construction project management.

The Branding of Territories course is called to provide a new perspective on the role of construction in the development of urban areas. The students will be demonstrated some cases of success achieved by different cities.

On the example of national and international territory branding cases students will learn why new building projects are not always capable of addressing the city’s problems, how to develop different territories and attract investments, why cities like Detroit failed to overcome the crisis and suffered a defeat despite the rapid development of new residential and social real estate, whereas cities like Bilbao, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow and Kazan can rightly be regarded as successful contemporary megacities

Victoria Rozhok Marketing and PR Director RD Construction

Just to remind: the initiative of the Moscow City University of Management (MGUU) is caused by the shortage of skilled experts in the Moscow construction market, who would have education at the juncture of construction and management. As per the modern-day requirements to the level of skills in construction management, not only should a project manager understand the technical aspects of the construction process, but also be able to figure the budget, knock together a project team, assess all potential risks and a lot more.

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