Victoria Rozhok on Choosing the Logo for Zaryadye Park

Final voting for the logo and corporate identity of Zaryadye Park kicked off on the website of the Active Citizen project. Marketing and PR Director of RD Construction Victoria Rozhok was asked to comment on logo options proposed, given that she is an expert in territory development and branding.

The new brand of Zaryadye should meet the demands of both the home audience (Russian citizens) and foreign tourists. Since the plan calls for Zaryadye Park to become one of the key national landmarks, this task was further complicated by the fact that in the eyes of many foreign tourists the new brand will be associated with Russia as a whole, augmenting its tourist image. This is why a logo for a multibrand like Zaryadye has several strategic objectives to perform

Victoria Rozhok Marketing and PR Director RD Construction

Zaryadye will exemplify a new type of public space combining a park with a museum and exhibition center and a concert-theatre venue. The project concept is based on “nature-oriented urbanism”, with no explicit boundaries between the city and nature. The Red Square is melting into a “green square” while visitors can easily access edutainment and leisure spaces fashioned right underneath the park serving as a connecting link between Moscow’s two oldest districts – Kremlin and Kitay-gorod – and will helping denizens rediscover the river Moscow along with the beautiful riverside.

Follow the link to choose the logo and corporate identity of Zaryadye Park .

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