Residential Quarters 9, 10 and 11 of IC Skolkovo, raised by RD Construction, became the main theme of the program “Construction at Length” aired on September 15 by TV channel “Moscow 24.”

“Moscow 24” reports on RD Construction delivering one of the most important projects for the Russian science city. The presenter used visualization tools to “build” the model of Quarter 9 right in the studio, with 4-6 storied houses featuring double-level apartments and the exploitable roof. Already on the construction site these houses were appreciated by journalists and a future inhabitant – an employee of a resident company based in IC Skolkovo. While now many workers are forced to reside in Moscow and waste a lot of time every day traveling to Skolkovo, next year they’ll be able to walk to their offices.

In Quarter 10 the filming crew visited the already completed “green” townhouse that was entirely fit out and hooked up to utility grids for only 21 days. The team of RD Construction solved this task within a record short time specifically towards the visit of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to Skolkovo. “Moscow 24” also notes that cutting-edge energy efficient technologies and environmentally friendly materials are used in the project.

Not just builders, but also the project customers and architects became experts of the program. Director for Residential Quarters and Social Infrastructure ODAS Skolkovo Irina Mosheva and leading architect BRT RUS Christoph Woop told their stories of Quarter 9. Yuli Borisov, founder and chief architect of UNK project (Quarter 10) noted that the turf from beneath the buildings is used for landscaping and creating recreational areas. In this way the builders optimize the costs and times of the works execution.

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