The Office of RD Construction Showcases Company’s Potential

CEO RD Construction Ilya Baybus used our company as a case study of turning an office into a business card, in his interview to General Director. His comments were published in the March issue. The article is titled “Potential Client in Doubt? Invite Him to the Office”.

The office of RD Construction built in 3 months exemplifies a showroom office space vividly demonstrating the quality of works done by the company. We make tours for potential clients, showing them the quality of the works done. Interestingly enough, the ceiling is laid bare in one of the rooms for clients to appreciate the neat installation of cooling units and MEP layout.

What's most important is that there is no gap between the planned and actual design, which is too often the case in other offices.

Quite often there is a wide gap between the architect’s drawings and actual design. In our office we have precisely what was originally planned. Once we sent the office photos to several media covering relevant architectural trends. Most journalists did not believe that these were genuine shots and asked us to send them real photographs. So we had to explain that these were real pictures

Ilya Baybus CEO RD Construction

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