Skolkovo Administration Appreciates the Effort of RD Construction

The building inspection administration of ODPS Skolkovo, LLC thanked automation engineer of RD Construction V.A. Roik for active participation in and contribution to the creation of automated control and supervision systems for residential neighborhoods №№9, 10 and 11 in D2 Technopark district of IC Skolkovo.

The administration appreciated the high professionalism of RD Construction’s employees and their responsible approach to work.

RD Construction involves highly skilled professionals committed to their trade in the delivery of its projects. We take utmost care of building quality inspection, aiming at best results, since this is the main goal of our work

Oleg Zhukov Director of Major Construction Department, Managing Partner of RD Construction

We should remind that the construction of residential neighborhoods ##9, 10 and 11 in D2 Technopark district commenced in 2015. By now Residential Neighborhood #9 has been fully commissioned while Neighborhood #10 and Neighborhood #11 will soon be commissioned as well. Besides residential housing, the neighborhoods also feature commercial and social infrastructure.

Our main goal is achieving best results. The Skolkovo administration thanked RD Construction and automation engineer V.A. Roik for high professionalism, responsible approach and quality work.

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