Erection of Reinforced Concrete Structures Soon to Be Completed at Luzhniki

The construction team of Luzhniki reported the completion of works to establish reinforced concrete structures.

On-site works are humming. RD Construction keeps within the set schedule, working hand in glove. During half a year on the site we’ve placed the base slab, installed perimeter ground connections and reinforced concrete structures, with 16 meters of exterior walls of the future swimming center being all ready. Till the end of January we’ll be through with all RC structures and will set to the installation of metalwork.

Dmitry Solovyov Project Director

Just to remind: in 2016 RD Construction set to the construction of Luzhniki Swimming Center. The new building will retain the main features of the old edifice, but in the meantime latest technologies and engineering solutions will be used in construction. The architectural concept of the future sports center was developed by UNK Project Architects.

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