Ilya Baybus on Organization of Office Spaces for

As more companies seek “domestication” of their offices in order to make them human-friendly and meant for a longer stay and work, adding such amenities as shower cabins, chill-out rooms, libraries etc. – the journalists of asked RD Construction to comment on the new approach to office space planning.

CEO RD Construction Ilya Baybus dwelled on the key trends driving this office transformation: a higher share of remote work as well as a change in the very approach to office work: increased mobility of the workforce and the fact that the labor market sees invasion of the new Y generation which can be efficient only in a comfortable office environment.

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In the long-term outlook corporate standards are to be revised, as Generation Y or so-called ‘millenials’ accustomed to mobility and human-friendly environment are flowing into the labor market. These younger employees want a homelike atmosphere in the office, predisposing them towards a longer stay at their desks and more productive work

Ilya Baybus CEO RD Construction

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