Commissioning of Buildings 17 and 18 in Zagorodny Kvartal

The design team of Zagorodny Kvartal residences reported getting the commissioning permit for buildings 17 and 18. Under way now is the project delivery to an operating company and the handover of residential units to private owners.

Also close to completion is the construction on buildings 15 and 16 where interior fit-out is carried out, engineering systems and elevator equipment are installed, and entrance lobbies are fashioned.

In 2016 strenuous efforts were made to deliver this residential development: on December 26, 2016 we received the opinion on compliance for buildings 17 and 18 of Zagorodny Kvartal and already on January 17, 2017 the commissioning permit for these two buildings was granted. We are also well on track with buildings 15 and 16 which must be all ready by late March, especially with a strong professional team working hard on the site

Валерий Джиоев Руководитель проекта

Zagorodny Kvartal is a business-class residential development in the city of Khimki northwest of Moscow near the Moscow Canal in the midst of a parkland area. The customer is Sheremetyevo-4, LLC; general contractor: RD Construction.

The general construction concept was devised by world’s leading urban planner – California-based Calthorpe Associates whose architects specialize in the integrated development of territories and have already delivered a number of large-scale projects in North America, Europe and Asia.

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