Victoria Rozhok to Speak at First International Conference Winning&Retaining Customers

The first international conference Winning&Retaining Customers, to gather more than 300 departmental heads from Russian and overseas companies representing the key industries, will take place in Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel on November 17.

Experts will look into the future of loyalty programs and will recount the new trends and technologies for the development and better performance of any particular business. Among the participants is Ajit Sivadasan, the head of Global e-Commerce, Sales, Marketing and Technology for Lenovo; Piotr Rozanski, Chief Marketing Officer for YUM Brands Russia (KFC and Pizza Hut); Arseniy Ulanov, head of the Loyalty and CRM Directorate for X5 Retail Group; Vasilisa Tyves, Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager for Raiffeisenbank, and others.

Marketing and PR Director of RD Construction Victoria Rozhok will share her experience of working with the conference participants both in the B2B sector – “Acting out of the Box or How to Engage the Potential Customer in Communication with the Brand” – and in B2C: “Analyzing, Engaging, Assessing or How to Develop an Effective Loyalty Program.”

The conference focused on the following topics:

• The future of consumerism

• Big Data

• Predicative analytics

• Loyalty in cases: retail/FMCG, B2B, Finance, Telecom

• Customer Experience Mapping

• Assessing the efficiency of loyalty programs

• Partnership in loyalty programs

• The era of digital

For more information see the website of the event.

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