RD CONSTRUCTION will host at its head office the RMDG's panel session dedicated to redevelopment of industrial territories

On September 29,2016 RD Construction in partnership with the advisory panel for redevelopment of territories at Russian Managers and Developers Guild (RMDG) will hold the practical conference, discussing the redevelopment of industrial territories by turning them into multifunctional buildings.

During a lively dispute, the experts will cover important trends and prospects related to transforming industrial territories into multifunctional complexes, analyze specifics of legislation governing the industrial territories, as well as the owners’ rights. There will be real cases of Russian and Western companies demonstrating how an industrial plant territory is turned into a residential area. .

The choice of venue is not accidental, RD Construction’s head office serves not only in its representative capacity and as a show room, but also provides convenient platform for networking and hosting different types of business-oriented events. “This time we have invited our colleagues from RMDG, given that the redevelopment at large is an issue closely related to activities of our company

Victoria Rozhok Marketing and PR Director RD Construction
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