RD CONSTRUCTION supported the launch of UNK PROJECT books

On September, 28 UNK project celebrated the launch of Architecture and Interiors books, supported by RD Construction and Tatlin publishing house.

Throughout the books UNK project architects present key projects, they share their experiences and reveal the success formula. It is important to note that these books can be purchased in print format as weell as digital. A special iPad app was created and is available for free download during the following two weeks.

Architecture and Interiors feature projects realized in collaboration with RD Construction. The two companies have had a long-lasting and successful liaison on large-scale projects, such as building of the 10th residential district in Skolkovo and the swimming pool of the Luzhniki Sports Complex.

Yuli Borisov, the UNK project's Founder and Chief Architect talking about the RD Construction made the following comment to the media "it is one of few construction companies that is capable of realizing projects in Russia at international level".

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