Moscow Architects on their Tour of RD Construction’s Site

The Union of Moscow Architects related its tour of residential quarters 9, 10 and 11 in Technopark of Innovation Center Skolkovo, built by RD Construction.

The tour of the site took place on October 13. “Residential quarters of the Innovation Center feature 330 townhouses, cottages and apartments with total living space reaching 50,000 sq m, not to mention commercial and social infrastructure,” says the article on the Union’s resource. The project of RD Group Holding, delivered by RD Construction, will become the first residential real estate in Skolkovo.

More than 50 architects took part in the tour. The guests visited all three sites, each quarter being designed by a separate bureau. The authors of design told about each quarter’s concept, while project directors on the customer’s side Irina Mosheva and Nailya Borodina as well as Marketing and PR Director RD Construction Victoria Rozhok and construction team leader Vladimir Shchapov were the guides showing the guests the construction site and answering their questions.

“Architects are sharpest of all visitors to any construction site. Therefore only a company that is 100% sure of the high construction quality and culture at its sites can host delegates from the expert community,” said Mr. Shchapov as quoted on the website of the Union of Moscow Architects.

We should remind that RD Construction holds regular tours of its sites, including for schoolchildren and alumni of orphanages. Such tours are the traditional part of the company’s social policy.

The article and photo report of the tour are published on the website of The article and photo report of the tour are published on the website of .

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